“The pain in my left knee was unbearable. The orthopedic doctor told me I needed surgery and I came here instead of surgery.”

When Brenda came to Renew Medical Centers, she had tried many pain management shots. She had been told she needed surgery, but she decided surgery was her last option.

We often see patients after they have either been told that they need knee replacement surgery or they had a surgery in the past that did not work well for them.

They know that surgery is traumatic and risky and they would prefer not to have it. As discussed in Knee Replacement Surgery Alternatives for Chronic Knee Pain, regenerative and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapies are some of the newest options for people who suffer from knee pain and problems that want to avoid having surgery. What makes regenerative therapy so promising is the fact that it helps to address the cause of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms.

Renew Medical Centers is the place patients go for non-surgical treatment of joint arthritis and other musculoskeletal problems.

Brenda received regenerative and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy for both of her knees.

In this video, Brenda discusses how she’s doing nine months after her treatment.

Read the video transcript (or scroll down for more):

Dr. Baker (Dr): Good morning, everybody. I’m here with the beautiful Brenda Brown. You look nice and festive, Brenda.

Brenda (B): Thank you.

Dr: And so, Brenda you got your stem cells nine months ago in your knees. So, we just did the re-evaluation. So, tell me where you were nine months ago. First on this pain scale on a scale of 1 to 10. How bad was your pain in both your knees, Brenda?

B: The pain in my left knee was unbearable. Most of the time, I was ready to have surgery. The doctor told me I needed surgery and I came here instead of surgery. Now in my other knee, I have kind of a little bit more of a different problem with my IT band, but that has also helped in that knee. So, I would say the difference in my pain is about 90%.

Dr: Wow, so nine months later.

B: Yes.

Dr: And we just looked at your x-rays. The x-rays look good. And didn’t you tell me that at Mercy Hospital you went to see an orthopedic doctor and he said you needed surgery.

B: Yes, on my left knee. Okay. That I could have surgery anytime.

Dr: Right.

B: And I’d had several shots. I tried all the shots that you can have in your left knee and I couldn’t have any more shots. And then I realized as I was told by a professional nurse that the shots were damaging my knee. And so, I was even more wanting to have the stem cells because of that but I do believe that any new cells are much better than any type of surgery. Surgery was my last option and I am so thankful that even with what I have, it’s not a 100%, but I believe that it’s getting better every day. And at one point I will be able to say that I’m a 100%.

Dr: Excellent. Well, thank you Brenda and real quick on a scale of 1 to 10, how bad is your overall pain right now on a scale of 1 to 10.

B: Zero.

Dr: So even nine months later and you just told me a couple minutes ago, you’re still continuing to improve.

B: Yes.

Dr: Which is great. The range in motion is better. Excellent. Okay Brenda, the healing will continue to improve and we’ll see you next time.

B: Okay. Thank you.

Regenerative treatment is a viable alternative for addressing problems that cause chronic knee pain.

Along with surgery, the traditional medical treatments for knee pain have been physical therapy, exercise, pain medications, anti-inflammatories, and steroid injections. These will sometimes alleviate pain but are often ineffective at addressing the actual condition.

Regenerative cell therapy involves allowing your body to heal itself, using naturally occurring cells, and growth factors. Treatment assists your body in regenerating tissue, reducing pain, and reducing inflammation in damaged muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and bone.

Regenerative therapy is a low risk, viable alternative to surgery. As discussed, it is a completely different approach to treating chronic knee pain.

As opposed to going under the knife and replacing the knee with a metal knee or addressing tendon and ligament tears with surgery, regenerative treatment gives the patient an opportunity for their body to heal degenerated and injured tissue.

With any medical treatment, there are no guarantees that it will or will not work for a patient. Each patient’s condition is unique. There are some cases where a patient will not be a candidate for regenerative treatment.

Other than the knee, areas treated also include back/spine, neck, hips, shoulders, hands and wrists, feet and ankles, and more.

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