Exploring The Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Hip Pain

Stem Cell Hip Pain Treatment

Exploring The Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Hip Pain Stem cell therapy is a form of regenerative medicine that utilizes stem cells to promote healing, repair damaged tissues, and restore normal function in the body. Stem cells are unique cells that can differentiate into different types of cells and tissues in the body and […]

Patient’s Knee & Hip Are Pain-Free 4 Years After Regenerative Treatment

Knee pain treatment

“That was four years ago, and I am pain-free. It is an absolute miracle to me, and I tell everybody about this, and I hope everybody has the same results I do.” A common question we are asked is, “How long does a regenerative or stem cell treatment last?” With any medical treatment, results will vary. One of our patients, Barb, recently shared that she has been pain-free for over four years since her treatment.

The Risks of Hip Replacement Surgery and Hip Resurfacing

Hip Replacement Surgery Risks

As soon as a person starts feeling pain in their hip area, it usually leads to bad news. A lucky few will see their hip pain fade away, but more often than not, it’s a warning sign that serious issues are brewing. The two most common long-term solutions for severe hip pain are total hip replacement surgery and hip resurfacing. What should people expect out of a total hip replacement or hip resurfacing? Here’s a closer look at the two popular procedures, and risks to be considered.