Power of Regenerative Knee Injections at Renew Medical Center

Regenerative Knee Injections

Power of Regenerative Knee Injections Treatment Regenerative medicine has revolutionized healthcare, offering new hope and advanced solutions for treating various medical conditions. One area where regenerative medicine has shown remarkable promise in treating knee injuries and degenerative diseases. This article explores the world of regenerative medicine for knee injections, its benefits, effectiveness, and how it […]

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain

stem cell injection in the knee

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain In recent years, stem cell therapy has been heralded as a miracle cure for many conditions, from wrinkles to spinal repair. Stem cell treatments have shown promise in animal studies for various diseases, including heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, and muscular dystrophy. Stem cell therapy may also treat knee osteoarthritis […]

Patient’s Knee & Hip Are Pain-Free 4 Years After Regenerative Treatment

Knee pain treatment

“That was four years ago, and I am pain-free. It is an absolute miracle to me, and I tell everybody about this, and I hope everybody has the same results I do.” A common question we are asked is, “How long does a regenerative or stem cell treatment last?” With any medical treatment, results will vary. One of our patients, Barb, recently shared that she has been pain-free for over four years since her treatment.

Patient’s Knee Pain Minimal After Regenerative Treatment

Knee pain treatment

“I could not walk. I could not bend. I could not hardly get up out of the bed in the morning. Since I’ve had this injection, the pain has been minimalized – no pain at all. I’m able to go for simple walks. I’m able to walk on my treadmill. I get up out of the bed in the morning without any resistance, any pain.” When Rachel came to Renew Medical Centers, she said she was experiencing pain in her knee with levels as high as a nine on a scale of one to ten.

The Risks of Knee Replacement Surgery: What All Patients Should Know

Risks of Knee Replacement Surgery

According to research, up to one-third of patients who have had knee replacement surgery experience long-term chronic pain after surgery and one in five are dissatisfied with the results. In the United States, total knee replacement surgery is one of the most common elective surgical procedures. There are over 600,000 total knee replacements each year.

Knee Replacement Surgery Alternatives for Chronic Knee Pain

Knee Replacement Surgery Alternatives

If you suffer from chronic knee pain and problems due to degeneration and/or injury, there are knee replacement surgery alternatives that may help you find the relief you need while avoiding surgery. While knee replacement surgery might be a solution for you if you suffer from knee problems, there are risks involved in undergoing the procedure.

Non-Surgical Treatment Prevents Two Knee Replacements

Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy for Knees - Knee Replacement Surgery Alternative

The most common area of concern that patients come to us with is the knee. This is no surprise. The knee endures more stress than any other joint. Knee pain could be caused by general wear and tear over time, fracture, osteoarthritis, ACL and meniscus tears, and other degenerative conditions. We often see patients after they have either been told that they need surgery or they had a surgery in the past that did not work well for them.