Exploring the Benefits of Regenerative Cell Therapy for Knee Pain Relief

Regenerative Cell Therapy for Knees in Cincinnati

Knee pain can be a crippling condition, affecting millions globally and greatly diminishing their quality of life. Traditional treatments, such as medication, physical therapy, and surgery, often provide limited relief and come with their own set of challenges. Yet, regenerative cell therapy is appearing as a fortunate option. This innovative approach aims to repair damaged […]

What Can Stem Cell Therapy Help Treat?

Stem cell treatment

What Can Regenerative Cell Therapy Help Treat? The body’s building blocks are regenerative cells, which give rise to all other cells with specific roles. Daughter cells are created when regenerative cells divide correctly in the body or a lab to create more cells. These daughter cells either develop into new regenerative cells or differentiated cells with a more specific function, like […]

Is surgery the only option to treat back pain?

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Is Surgery The Only Option To Treat Back Pain? Our back pain is a strength and support of our body that helps in mobility. The spine keeps the body in an upright position and brings flexibility to the body. If any body part does not work, you don’t want that. The nerves in the spinal […]

How Long Does Stem Cell Therapy Last?

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How Long Does Stem Cell Therapy Last? An increasingly popular form of regenerative medicine is Stem Cell Therapy in Cincinnati which employs a patient’s healthy stem cells to replace damaged ones in areas of their bodies where they are enduring persistent discomfort. These healthy adult stem cells detect inflammation and start to create anti-inflammatory proteins, […]

Knee Replacement Surgery Alternatives for Chronic Knee Pain

Knee Replacement Surgery Alternatives

If you suffer from chronic knee pain and problems due to degeneration and/or injury, there are knee replacement surgery alternatives that may help you find the relief you need while avoiding surgery. While knee replacement surgery might be a solution for you if you suffer from knee problems, there are risks involved in undergoing the procedure.

Non-Surgical Treatment Prevents Two Knee Replacements

Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy for Knees - Knee Replacement Surgery Alternative

The most common area of concern that patients come to us with is the knee. This is no surprise. The knee endures more stress than any other joint. Knee pain could be caused by general wear and tear over time, fracture, osteoarthritis, ACL and meniscus tears, and other degenerative conditions. We often see patients after they have either been told that they need surgery or they had a surgery in the past that did not work well for them.