Is Stem Cell Therapy the Answer to Foot & Ankle Pain

Nowadays, everyone is getting busy with their hectic work schedule and daily routine activities, and with this, they need to remember to take care of their bodies. There is no doubt that human bodies experience numerous medical consequences and emergencies with age. Joints become stiff and ache, and the thought of jumping stairs becomes painful. 

But there may be an answer to the discomfort for anyone suffering from foot or ankle arthritis or even athletes injured. Ankle and foot pain become the most common disease in all age groups. It needs time to cure with Stem cell therapy

Foot and ankle pain can have a substantial influence on our everyday lives, limiting mobility and lowering our overall quality of life. Traditional treatments such as pain medications, physical therapy, and surgery have been the go-to options for addressing these issues. However, in recent years, there has been growing interest and research in an innovative approach: stem cell therapy. 

This guide will give you an overview of stem cell therapy and its complete procedure for treating ankle and foot pain. 

Understanding Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells with the unique ability to transform into specialized cell types. This aspect makes them truly valuable in regenerative medicine. Furthermore, stem cell therapy involves utilizing these cells to repair the damaged tissues by promoting the body’s natural healing mechanisms. 

Types of Stem Cells

Embryonic stem cells, induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), and adult stem cells are all stem cells employed in regenerative therapies. Adult stem cells are frequently used to treat foot and ankle pain due to their ease of availability and ethical considerations. 

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are a type of adult stem cell that may develop into bone, cartilage, and fat cells, making them very useful for treating musculoskeletal problems.

Why foot and ankle pain occur: Major symptoms

Foot and ankle pain can arise due to multiple causes; in this case, taking stem cell therapy for foot and ankle pain can be a value-for-money option as it provides relief from chronic pain: 

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Injuries to the Achilles Tendon
  • Sprains of the ankle and foot
  • Degenerative Joint Disease (Osteoarthritis)
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Degeneration of bone on bone
  • Tibiotalar arthritis is a type of arthritis.
  • Subtalar deterioration
  • Tendonitis and tibiofibular arthritis
Foot and Ankle Pain Treatment

A Complete procedure of Stem Cell Therapy for treating Foot and Ankle Pain

Before Stem cell therapy, the patient should undergo a check-up to know the actual cause. Professional doctors perform stem cell therapy to heal foot and ankle pain.-

Phase one. Initial consultation

The first step in getting foot and ankle pain treatment is conducting an in-person consultation with your doctor. Expert physicians will meet with contact you via a phone call, video call, and in person to thoroughly review your entire medical history and afterward determine if you are liable for stem cell therapy or not. If you are sensitive to the treatment, schedule your first appointment. 

Phase two. Treatment

The outpatient treatment usually takes four hours and is painless. You are not required to “go under.” Doctors will collect stem cells using local anesthesia on the day of your treatment – Fat is extracted from the lower back or abdomen, while bone marrow is removed from the rear of the hip. 

Following stem cell collection, you can relax in a private area. Following processing, your stem cells will be injected into the area of need utilizing highly sophisticated ultrasonic equipment with enhanced needle visualization for precise stem cell distribution. Back injections are performed with a C-ARM. 

Benefits of Stem cell therapy

There are many benefits of stem cell therapy for treating intense body pains, except foot and ankle pain: 

Stem cell therapy is a successful treatment for lasting and debilitating plantar fasciitis, injured ligaments or tendons, or arthritis in your foot or ankle, particularly for people who need to get back to sports, an active lifestyle, or work as soon as possible. 

Your stem cells may concentrate, focus, and stimulate the body’s natural healing process of regeneration, whatever the source of your foot and ankle pain. Stem cell therapy can help you recover faster, reduce discomfort, and regain function in your feet and ankles than traditional treatments. 

Is Stem cell therapy right for you?

If you suffer from chronic foot and ankle pain due to some causes, you may be a good candidate for Stem cell therapy. Book your appointment with Ohio’s most premium and reliable Center Renew Medical Center (RMC) to get better results and eliminate the pain. Years of experience and professional staff assist you with perfection.