Our Expert Team

We’re About You

At Renew Medical Centers, our expert team is about you, our patient, receiving the most advanced regenerative treatments and care available. Of course, our medical team has the medical training and expertise necessary to provide excellent patient care. If you’d like to know more, continue reading this page and click through to some of our team members bio pages.

If you’d like to hear from our patients about their experience, go to our Patient Reviews page.

To find out if you are a candidate for our regenerative cell therapy, either attend a free local seminar or request your patient consultation.

A Team of Dedicated and Experienced Doctors and Medical Staff Serving the Greater Cincinnati Area

The Renew Medical Centers team is a group of highly skilled and experienced group of doctors offering you a team approach to successfully diagnosing, treating, and correcting your health problem and the pain or discomfort you are enduring.

At Renew Medical Centers, you are provided with the combined knowledge and unique abilities of these respected and reputable doctors. Our doctors have received highly specialized education and training in musculoskeletal and regenerative medicine.

Not Just Doctors…Wellness Experts, Educators, Coaches, Motivators, Advocates and Examples

At Renew Medical Centers, we are not just a team of dedicated doctors and medical professionals. Our entire staff is passionate about you and your overall health and wellness. In addition to the superior regenerative treatments we provide our patients to relieve their pain or heal their injuries, we will take the time to educate you on your health issues; make ourselves available to answer your questions, provide you with coaching and guidance to achieve true health; motivate you to overcome the hurdles that are preventing you from experiencing pure wellness, and cheer and support you as you reach new heights and gain new confidence. That’s why we do what we do. We simply enjoy helping people realize their health and wellness potential. When you are experiencing true health, everything is just better! We know this first hand and that’s what makes us different than most other regenerative medical offices. We are living examples of the benefits derived from the proper combination of exercise, diet, hydration, regenerative, and wellness care. We practice what we preach!