Back Pain Diagnosis and Treatment by Stem Cell Therapy

Back Pain Diagnosis and Treatment by Stem Cell Therapy

Our back and spinal cord provide excellent strength and support to our body which is crucial for mobility. Any disturbance in the spine’s spine’s nerve roots can leads you towards back pain treatment that can be acute or chronic. The spine keeps our body in an upright position and helps us to bend with flexibility. A person cannot move any part of the body without the spinal cord, nor could any organs function without it.
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The nerves in the spinal cord connect the brain to the remaining parts of the body, which control the body’s movements. Back pain can be light or utmost, which can go away or be determined. Acute back pain usually occurs suddenly and lasts a few days to a week. At the same time, chronic back pain is something that lasts for more than three months. Problems in the spinal discs, joints, or ligaments can be the underlying cause of chronic back pain.

What is stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy, also referred to as regenerative medicine, is an outpatient procedure that targets the underlying source of pain without medication, surgery, or long recovery times. The process utilizes the body’s healing ability to regenerate damaged tissues, decrease chronic pain and heal injuries more efficiently. Stem cells can modify into bone, cartilage, or fat cells to stimulate the body’s healing process.
Many areas in the body house stem cells, but the hip bones are rich in these cells and can be harvested quickly and easily. The stem cells will be ready for use within minutes of being harvested. The area that will get the stem cells is sterilized and numbed in preparation for injection.
Usually, some image guidance, such as an ultrasound, is used to ensure the stem cells are placed exactly where they need to be. Then, the stem cells are injected to trigger a healing response in the body. Stem cell therapy can ease your back pain but can also treat degenerative disc disease, arthritis, pinched nerves, bone fractures, and some orthopedic conditions.

How effective is stem cell therapy for back pain treatment?

The treatment for back pain is often challenging for varying underlying reasons. Back pain can be acute or chronic based on the muscle or tissue affected. Conservative treatment involves anti-inflammatory drugs, pain medications, and surgery, which sometimes cannot resolve the problem effectively. The stem cells injected into the spine provide natural healing therapy for back ailments. Contact one of our exemplary specialists today if you want more information about the back Pain Treatment in Cincinnati.
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Most patients who received stem cell therapy for back pain have experienced relief within two weeks of receiving stem cell injections. However, physiotherapy that involves back pain exercises is advisable to share better treatment results. The patients who received stem cell therapy for back pain have found significant improvement in alleviating pain and improving flexibility. Also, they can return to their routines much quicker when compared to post-surgical procedures.

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Conservative treatment for back pain, such as anti-inflammatory medications, pain medicine, and physical therapy, might not be effective in treating back pain. Stem cell therapy can restore healthy tissue and alleviate chronic back pain. Stem cell treatments are minimally invasive procedures that do not involve an incision on the skin or more extended recovery periods from the treatment.
Lower back pain often results from herniated discs, degenerative discs, and facet joint problems. The lower back pain can be acute or chronic, depending on the underlying tissue damage. Low back pain significantly impacts regular activities and disables from doing everyday tasks. Stem cell procedures for chronic lower back pain serve as the best non-surgical treatment to relieve the pain and reduce inflammation in the spinal discs—also, the physiotherapy exercises post-treatment help to strengthen the lower back and abdominal muscles.
At Renew Medical Centre, we specialize in numerous conditions for treating back pain, spinal issues, and orthopedic problems for patients in Cincinnati. No matter where you are having pains in your body, we can help with the best back pain treatment in Cincinnati. We can offer several treatment options to best fit your unique case, including stem cell therapy. Let us treat your spine pains and help you get on the road to pain relief.