What is Regenerative Cell Therapy & What to Expect

Regenerative medicine includes regenerative cell therapy. Regenerative medicine is a cutting-edge medical field that focuses on methods for regrowing, repairing, or replacing damaged cells, organs, or tissues.

The goal of regenerative cell therapy is to use regenerative cells harvested from your body to regrow damaged tissue such as cartilage, muscles, and ligaments. These regenerative cells are extracted or harvested from your bone marrow or fat tissue and cultured in a laboratory to multiply. They are then injected into the affected or injured area.

What happens during a session of regenerative cell therapy?

The first step in regenerative cell therapy is a thorough examination to determine whether you are a good candidate for this treatment. Once the expert orthopedic team at Renew Medical Centre determines that regenerative cell therapy can help you, the regenerative cells will be harvested.

To harvest regenerative cells, a needle is inserted into your bone marrow. Usually, your pelvic bone and the regenerative cells are extracted. This is known as bone marrow aspiration. It is also possible to use regenerative cells derived from fat tissue. The cells are then cultured in a laboratory to multiply as needed.

regenerative cell therapy

Finally, these newly multiplied healthy cells will be collected and injected into the damaged area. Because we inject our cells back into our bodies, there are few potential side effects or complications.

These new cells may take several weeks to help heal and regrow the damaged tissue. It can take up to six weeks to see results. On the other hand, some people see results within a few weeks. Over the next six months, progress should accelerate.

Are you curious about regenerative cell therapy and whether it can help you? Feel free to contact Renew Medical Centre to schedule an appointment or request one online if this is the case.

What diseases and conditions can regenerative cell therapy treat?

regenerative cell therapy can improve medical understanding of how diseases develop. The treatment may generate healthy cells to replace diseased or damaged cells in the case of degenerative diseases, spinal cord injuries, heart disease, and cancer.

regenerative cell therapy can help treat the following conditions in terms of musculoskeletal repair:

  • Arthritis
  • Tendon ruptures
  • Ligament ruptures
  • cartilage damage

Furthermore, regenerative cell therapy can help repair joint damage and reduce pain without needing medications or surgery.

Regenerative cell therapy vs. surgery

Compared to surgical intervention, regenerative cell therapy is a non-invasive alternative that causes less pain and has fewer complications. Though many doctors advise taking a few days off work to recover from regenerative cell therapy, this is far less than the recovery time after surgery, which can last weeks or even months. 

Many common problem areas are densely packed with sensitive nerves easily damaged by surgical intervention. Using regenerative cell therapy can help you avoid this risk and avoid additional nerve damage pain.

Regenerative Cell Therapy in Cincinnati

regenerative cell therapy is a revolutionary treatment that offers a new option to people suffering from injuries and chronic pain. People can now pursue regenerative cell therapy to get non-invasive, low-risk, and longer-lasting pain relief instead of dealing with expensive, painful procedures or juggling addictive medications that lose their effectiveness over time.

Though there are risks, as with any medical treatment, and mild pain can be expected after the procedure, the chances and pain you’ll experience are nothing compared to the pain you’ll experience if the process is not performed.

If you are interested in pursuing regenerative cell therapy for injury or pain relief, please discuss your situation with us to see if it is appropriate.