Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)

Thinking about testosterone replacement therapy?

Most men of a certain age look for help at some point in their life. With three clinics in the Cincinnati region (Cincinnati, Fairfield, and West Chester), we offer consultation and treatment options for men looking to turn their life around with a natural boost in testosterone. Our clinicians craft a personalized plan for every patient based on science and FDA approved treatments.

What Is Testosterone?

Why does the body need testosterone? Men rely on testosterone as a hormone to help with anything from red blood cell production to overall sex drive. It has a huge impact on normal growth and development, as well as developing masculine traits. Produced in the testes, it is regulated by both the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland. Every man begins to lose some level of testosterone as they age, but it happens quicker with some compared to others. Those who suffer from health problems like diabetes can also see lower levels of testosterone.

How Common Is Low Testosterone In Men?

The number of men dealing with low testosterone at some point in their life is close to half of the population. It is hard to get a completely accurate number, simply because not everyone gets tested and receives treatment for this issue. As a man ages, they are more likely to deal with low testosterone levels. Warning signs that this may be an issue that is getting worse and worse include libido problems, erectile dysfunction, emotional issues, weight problems, and more. The sooner these issues are identified, the easier it is to fix everything and get back on track.

Benefits Of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

A lot of the problems people link to old age with men are caused by low testosterone. Instead of just accepting the fact that things are changing, testosterone replacement therapy is one way to conquer those problems.

A few of the major benefits of testosterone replacement therapy include:

Increased energy

Low levels of testosterone cannot only have an impact on sleep, but it makes people tired throughout the day. Increasing testosterone levels inside the body can fight this lethargic feeling.

Better concentration

The mind is stronger, with testosterone levels staying relatively high. Studies have shown that testosterone makes an impact on many physical processes people take for granted every single day. Not only that, but it helps people control any stress and relationship issues they might be going through.

Increased libido

Low testosterone makes a lot of men suffer from a loss of libido. It is assumed that all men lose that desire as they age. When testosterone levels go up, sexual desire is back again for many men.

Increased strength

Working out and staying in shape just is not the same when testosterone levels start to drop. Men find themselves having to work harder and watch their diet even more to see the same results. One way to fight against this drop is to raise testosterone levels once again. It helps speed up metabolism, build lean muscle, and keep men active.

Getting Past The Stigma Of Talking About Testosterone Levels

A common theme during discussions with patients centers around wishing that they would have done something about low testosterone earlier. There are not many men who want to talk about low testosterone, but it must be dealt with to turn things around. The longer a person puts it off, the deeper many men find themselves digging into a hole. It can affect life in so many different ways, both directly and indirectly. Therapy for testosterone is safer and easier than ever before. Going through a consultation with us will help you get answers and figure out a perfect plan of attack.

Understanding Side Effects

Testosterone replacement therapy is a safe, natural way to raise the level of testosterone in a man’s body. With that said, it is not for everyone. There is always a risk of infection when going through injections. Our years of experience and proper care reduce that risk as much as possible. Men who suffer from a few medical issues, especially connected to the prostate, might have complications with testosterone replacement therapy. We ask questions and run as many tests as possible beforehand to ensure that it is safe for all patients. If a person is deemed unfit for this therapy, we work towards finding a new solution.

How Testosterone Replacement Therapy Works

Once a body stops producing a sufficient amount of testosterone, there are a few replacement options. The testosterone replacement therapy at Low T. Health involves using bioidentical testosterone that is safe, effective, and faster than any other treatment out there. It is FDA approved. The first step with our treatment process is to consult with every new patient to figure out the main issues being dealt with every single day. Testosterone therapy can help with so many different problems at once and coming up with the right treatment plan is crucial for fast results. We suggest giving testosterone replacement therapy approximately 2 to 3 months before expecting major results. Most patients say that they will notice a boost in energy and better focus early on, with other benefits coming as time progresses. Sticking with a routine and going through the therapy consistently helps everybody stay on track. We offer in-center therapy, which allows patients to get the proper monitoring the entire time. The goal is to get to an optimized level of testosterone, and then maintain that testosterone level to reap the benefits every single day.

Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Done With Injections Or Pills?

The vast majority of our treatment options come in the form of injections, containing bioidentical testosterone. This is the most efficient way to get the testosterone in the body and working as it should. We have an experienced medical team that not only administers each injection properly but monitors any reactions that could be outside the norm. Results may take a longer with other forms of therapy.

Payment Options

Our treatment plans are designed to be as efficient and as affordable as possible. We accept most major insurances, but the treatment costs are extremely reasonable for patients who pay out-of-pocket. We believe that this type of therapy should be available to all men in the most affordable way possible.

Scheduling A Testosterone Replacement Therapy Consultation

Schedule your patient consultation with one of our doctors at Renew Medical Centers and determine if you are a candidate.